We have decided to write two separate posts each day from our own point of view. First from Jeff Sr., then from Fr. Jeff.

Rough day. 16.7 miles with mostly cobblestone roads. My take of Porto … kinda trashy, kinda smelly but very picturesque! The architecture is ancient mixed with modern. Roads are very narrow and drivers think they’re Mario Andretti! The way markers are easy to spot. We started at 6 AM and stopped at 7 for cafe con leche! Delicious! Rain was not much of an issue as the weather forecast predicted it would be. They must be forecasters from pdx! Most locals ignore you unless you make an effort to say Bom dia (good day) to them. They mostly respond in kind. One man shook my hand when I stepped aside for him to pass on a narrow sidewalk! We stopped at 11:30 for some more cafe and arrived at our destination at 2:30. Casa Laura! Went to eat at a local restaurant and met the owners and his adult son. He spent a long time talking catholic stuff with Fr. Jeff! We also met another father/son team from San Diego! Time to go to bed. 17 miles tomorrow!

God Bless you all.
Jeff Sr.

Today was a great start to the Camino. After a long day of travel we finally arrived in Porto, Portugal Wednesday evening. This morning we began walking at 6 am from Porto and arrived in Virainho at 2:30 pm. We walked close to 16.5 miles, mostly on paved road and cobblestone. The last couple of miles were difficult as we anticipated the arrival of the city around every corner. During the day we stopped several times to pray and offer our intentions for the Camino.

Upon arriving at the hostel we did laundry, showered, celebrated Mass and made our way to dinner. We enjoyed a nice plate of pasta! The owners of the restaurant spoke English so we meet many of the family members. After it became known that I was a priest I had a long conversation with the son about faith and perseverance in times of suffering. I could tell he wanted to talk. It was a gift to be able to listen to him and offer some advice.

When we returned to the hostel we met some fellow Americans from San Diego. Another father and son duo. We shared a glass of port while recounting the day as the sun began to set. Off to bed with a renewed awe in how the Lord works in our lives!

Tomorrow we leave at 5:30 am. May we have the strength to continue on the way God has put us all on.

Boa noite!

Fr. Jeff