We apologize for not posting much for day two. We have found that after we get to the hostel, get checked in, do laundry and eat dinner there is not much time to spend on-line. We have had some great conversations with pilgrims around the world. Here is a short reflection on the past two days.

We woke at 4:30 and started our day. It takes about an hour to get organized and out the the door. I learned something about Fr. Jeff – he is very organized and likes to keep his pack in order. Mine is a mess. Another new revelation is that he takes care of me. He makes sure that I am doing well. He even did a little first aid on my foot! I feel like the tide has turned and the child I once took care of is now taking care of me.

We are making sure to stop at all the shrines and chapels and pray for vocations and all the intentions that were requested! Many homes here have shrines or plaques of saints attached to their homes. We met Robert from Ireland and his 7 year old son who are doing the Camino. Very inspiring! We have met groups from Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, USA and more. Fr. Jeff concelebrated mass in Barcellos. After the mass several pilgrims came up to us and were excited to hear that he was a priest. Now we have pilgrims come up to Jeff and ask if he is the priest! One even asked him to celebrate mass on the road with us for his wife who died 3 years ago!

This is certainly a spiritual journey.

More later…

Jeff, Sr.

PS: The road was tough and challenged our perseverance today!