On day 6 we started at 4:30 am. Fr. Jeff slept heavy last night, so much so I had to wake him up theee times in the middle of the night and remind him to lay on his side. The young girl in the next bed was grateful that I woke him. It was really loud! He must have been tired. Today was a very hot day but easy walking on pavement, sand, shade and woods. We met Gary from Austria and John and Johnna from Germany. They are discerning marriage and are using the Camino as an opportunity to see if they can get along 🙂

By the persuasion of our group we decided to cut our day short and stay in Mos because of the heat. We had Mass out in the back of the hostel with the group. That afternoon while at a coffee bar we accidentally broke a clay pot of flowers. The waitress got extremely upset and yelled at us. We took up a collection to replace the pot but she did not accept it. My father got upset at her overreacting and walked away. He was frustrated because he could not communicate effectively with her. Instead of dinner at that restaurant we decided to cook for ourselves. Adina, from Romania, cooked a wonderful meal for us. We turned a disappointment into a new opportunity. Such is life on the Camino!

On day 7 we left Mos at 5:30 am. Adina made Dad sandwiches and talked with him in the morning as we walked about the past evening events. I think she calmed him down! We got a little weak on the way today and stopped several times for food. We all stopped for breakfast and had Spanish tortillas. Gave us a lot of energy for the day!

It was indeed a long day. Dad borrowed Thomas’ walking sticks for the downhill descents on rocky ground. They seemed to help. We arrived at Pontevedra at 1 pm. Upon arrival we looked for a good place to celebrate Mass. It looked like it was not going to be possible when the President of the Portuguese Way showed up and made provisions for us. Some of the workers at the hostel joined us as well. They said it was the second time in at least 20 years since Mass was celebrated at the hostel. It was pretty special.

In the evening we had dinner out with Thomas from Slovakia then later met at the hostel to share a glass of wine. We meet two young priests from Poland and one from Portugal, another Vocation Director. It was wonderful to share our experiences of the Camino together as the day came to an end. What will tomorrow bring? Only the Lord knows…